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Child Poverty

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens,

Women and Youth

Attention Dr. Ursula von der Leyen

Alexanderplatz 3

10178 Berlin


Luebeck, 23 October 2008

Free English translation on 28 August 2021.

Child Poverty and Women in Power?

The German-language document you may find here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from Politics, Economy, Culture and Social Affairs, Dear Dr. Ursula von der Leyen,

Since you, as politicians, are trying to keep up with "the times" and are making appropriate regulations, especially in family policy, I would like to and must put you in your place today, on a Thursday (Thunder day), with all severity and rigour.

It is high time for our and every other capitalist state to pull the emergency brake and finally orientate to what has been the basis of our laws as human beings for 2000 years. Since you, Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, are about to push through the day nurseries, I would now also like to assert myself and make the comparison herewith, so that every high-minded politician understands that a change in leadership is about to take place!

Now I don't necessarily want to write about the billions; these are sums that people don't actually have to manage, since no one, no human being, can implement these figures in real terms, but through your payments to the banks it has now become quite obvious that you are quite simply deciding on something that you basically no longer understand anything about. The same applies to the introduction of daynurseries on a grand scale, whereby it has already been made possible for mothers to hand over their toddler to the kindergarten and thus into the care of others at the age of 3, should the toddler already be dry.

That's not how it works; not here and not anywhere else in the near future, at least not if my person should take over these businesses! Where do you actually want to go and what do you want to make of our children and our descendants? If, for example, a child is handed over to the care of a "foster mother" up to the age of about 5, then the small child is directly and not indirectly at the mercy of this person.

The biological mother herself cannot see and observe what the small child experiences and takes in, what it is happy about or why it is crying. This is all taken over by another woman or a mother with children of her own and makes the appropriate decisions about the small child. Now it can be a very well educated woman or a woman with a good heart who has taken over the child or even added other children so that she can also show a small income, whereby the performance of this task will be in no relation to the payment, should these "foster mothers" deal with the children who have been entrusted to them.

And now we come to the point: If, for example, there are disputes about ownership among the babies or toddlers, then the "foster mother" has to decide who gets his right and who of the children has to give the toy back. A foster mother with children of her own now finds herself in a quandary, because what should she do?

Should she take the toy away from all two small children, including the child to whom the toy belongs? Should she rather give it to the "foster child" so that she can face the mother with a clear conscience? Should she give it to her own child if the toy belongs to her own child, but she then has to risk that if these incidents become more frequent, the foster child will no longer like to come to her or will not be able to stop crying?

Should she take it away from her child if it does not belong to her child and give it to the foster child and if so, what actually happens between mother and toddler or baby when these incidents accumulate? What actually happens to the children in the daynurseries and kindergarten when one child infects the other with an infectious disease and how often does it actually happen that infectious diseases and children's diseases come from the kindergarten in concentrated form?

Well, we have enough good medicines for that, because the developmental stage of a child doesn't really matter, does it? You can take advantage of the possibility of having a child who is full of medication but doesn't have to stay in bed despite it, and then hand the child over to the daynursery, to the foster mother or the kindergarten, because after all, your job isn't thrown at you, is it, and besides, you don't have the "nagging" with the child, that's really practical, isn't it?

It's enough to take the child back in the afternoon, isn't it?

What actually happens when a particularly beautiful child is handed over to the kindergarten and a kindergarten teacher would have liked to have such a child herself, but it does not belong to her? What actually happens when a child is not particularly pretty and is also naughty, or is it then ill-bred? What actually happens when the father leaves the family and the marriage breaks up, but the child already needs both parents because it is already old enough and has classified the father as a parent and then the mother leaves "the sinking ship" or the housewife state, which will also apply equally to pretty much every older child?

Along the lines of: At the bottom line I am most importance, even not?

My child is then prepared for life, it can use its elbows and is self-confident enough to assert itself at the age of 3! My child should not let itself be beaten down, it should not move aside when someone comes towards it: the other person should make way, because my child is dominant, it is made for a leadership position, isn't it?

My child has the best prerequisites for a career: it could perhaps become an entrepreneur or an actor, because it has already learned discipline and a sense of duty in the first years of its life and so provision has been made for its school achievements; it is well prepared and not such a retarded country bumpkin!

And now my person comes and advise you well to come to your senses without delay, better today than tomorrow!

As a rule, a child belongs in the care of its mother and father until it reaches the age of 5.

It can then enter a pre-school kindergarten and has 2 years there to leave the pre-school kindergarten, whereby designated teachers have to take over this part, in that the internship of an adult teacher who has been examined for suitability would be suitable for this part and they should supervise the children for a maximum of 3 - 4 hours daily in order to be able to make the necessary decisions, whereby the age of majority is usually reached with the 21st year of age.

Should "this diseased pigsty, i. e. environment" be cleaned up by the media, shops, toys and so on, and the number of children with speech disorders and behavioural disorders be greatly reduced, then preschool is no longer necessary and no longer the order of the day!

A child can already communicate at the age of 5 and is thus on the safe side if it is regularly handed over to others, since if necessary the parents can intervene if the child is wronged in any way. Every housewife and mother has not only duties, but the right to remuneration for mothering duties and housewifery activities. Every mother and wife has the right to protection in a family and thus she is to be protected by marriage, in that adultery is to be prosecuted, whereby with heavy prison sentences has to be expected!

Sexual intercourse before marriage is prohibited; however, if unlawful acts are committed and a child is conceived from the union, marriage is to be urged, otherwise the natural father remains financially responsible for the child for life.

An abortion is coupled with expulsion from the house!

An upbringing of children without faith in God or education in an untrue religious doctrine is strictly forbidden and is exclusively the only reason to be allowed to legally** separate a mother from her child or children by the true clergy** and entrust the child or the children to other parents.

Every young girl has a right to an education and especially to the appropriate school-leaving certificate. Distance learning should be appropriately promoted by the state so that the mother cannot leave her child or children in the hands of strangers. Every young mother has the right of help, especially from her parents and parents-in-law. Every mother and housewife retains the lifelong right to attend night school and to a job exclusively for women, if this does not mean that she has to limit or neglect her work as a mother. 

If you, as politicians, continue to try to interfere with regulations that are sacrosanct and of which you do not understand enough, then you get to know me! Furthermore, I would especially like to say to you, , .......................

You still have time to do well by your grandchildren and to share the political business with people whom you, as a woman, are entitled to advise, namely exclusively the men! The same applies in a weakened form to Mrs Merkel, whom I hold in high esteem and cannot do without her achievements on the political stage, whereby Mrs Merkel is most certainly destined for her position. Should the "silly Punch and Judy show" be ended, then Mrs. Merkel will be subordinated to my Chancellor, who is also destined for this office, since action must be taken across the countries!

I also ask for a little more respect for a clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church in the future; no one from your ranks has the right to a contradiction in these "spheres"; this is only reserved for the Imperial couple as well as the King, otherwise you get something behind the ears or on the bottom!

With kind regards

HP: Nobody** has to intervene in a father-mother-child relationship, but to protect it by law, so that the real child poverty in the capitalist states does not become even greater!

There are enough letters in this regard, but some things can also be put in place without having to resort to the "Monumental-Area"!

Of course, everyone will also be able to recognise and appreciate the efforts of Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, but the actual goal has been missed by far.


**12.07.2019 German-language document reviewed and amended.


Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen may gladly become active in the European Parliament, but only if she also corrects her serious, caused mistakes especially as Minister for Family Affairs at least Europe-wide and immediately as demanded by my person and deposited by precious documents of my person, accordingly extensively!

The same applies, of course, and quite insistently, at least to the following and current female family ministers! It cannot be that, for example, children are abused for years on campsites and a mother and a father of the children concerned have not noticed anything about it! This can no longer be true with your family policy!

Please find yourself and your kind an occupation of which you will understand a little more, especially if you are currently primarily intended as a mother and housewife for your children! After you have done your work, i. e. the above-mentioned and prescribed work, please immediately vacate the seats you are currently occupying and do not forget to thank for this given opportunity! Mrs Merkel please remain on the political stage as a very high diplomat for as long as possible and at her own discretion in this regard. She should be replaced by a chancellor of my person as soon as possible!

HP: The current nurseries and group-wise kindergartens will please have to be used and utilised immediately for the mother-grandmother and child-relationships as well as for the current educational purposes of the guardians!